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              Weight Loss Management



Thank you for visiting my website to inquire about Weight Loss Management.



                 General Explanation of this system


Why do many weight loss systems Fail ?


We are all creatures of habit. We simply like doing what we like doing.


If you change your diet too drastically to new / different foods / having to weigh out /

measure / count calories etc then you will most likely find it all a bit too much as many

people do and just go back to your old diet.


This system is designed to keep it simple and enjoyable and by doing this you will achieve

your weight loss ideals a lot easier and gain better results.


This is done by.....


{1}  Regulating your diet with the foods you are already eating and enjoy.


{2}  Replacing 1-2 meals with a high quality protein supplement.

        Also taking a Multi Vit/Min tab.


{3}  Treating any underlying issues such as specific cravings eg sugar / chocolate,

          food allergies / intolerances .


{4}  Treating other underlying issues such as digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances.


{5}  Treatments include Laser Acupuncture {no needles}, Herbs , Homoeopathic




             Read on.......................



This Weight Loss System is formulated and produced by Metagenics Health World and



                  Shake-it Professional Weight Management Program



Metagenics are the major suppliers of Practitioner only Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and other

health items to Naturopaths. Their products are of the highest quality. This product has been

scientifically formulated for use by Health Care Professionals.


I am a Naturopath and Acupuncturist registered with ...


* Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.

* AHPRA  the official government registration for practitioners.

* I am recognized as a provider by the Private Health Funds and as such my services are


* This Weight Management system is recognized by the Health Funds and may also be

   claimable. Check with your fund.


Losing weight is within everyone's ability and the immense health benefits of doing so are

well documented and known by all.


Losing weight with this system is 


                        EASY      EFFECTIVE       AFFORDABLE








This system requires you to Replace  one or two of your meals each day with a high

quality Protein Shake.


Generally starting on one meal replacement daily is good.

You may decide to do two meal replacements daily or it can be done on an irregular base or

for convenience.


The other one to two meals are normal meals. Each person is unique so my dietary

advice for these other meals takes into account your preferences as individual taste is

important. You can still eat healthily.

Snacks between meals are also included.


This Weight Loss Management system will enable your body to burn up and eliminate excess

fat tissue easily and effortlessly.


The shakes are taken over  30 day periods for evaluation.


There are Specific Acupuncture treatments given with Laser and


Magnets that help you control Sugar Cravings and Hunger which


makes the whole process a lot easier for you.






This is a very safe tried and proven system which enables you to lose weight in a methodical

and healthy way. It is registered as a viable Weight Management system by the Private Health

Funds who will pay benefits towards it.


A typical person should lose one to two kg per week of excess Fat tissue.


This amounts to  4-8 kg per month,  12-24 kg per 3 mths and so on.


This not taking into account Exercise and it's added benefit to losing weight and your

general health and well-being..


The other benefits are that you will have.....................


More Energy 

Feel better physically and mentally

Sleep better

Overall Health will be far improved as well as your long term health prospects.


Other specific conditions that you suffer from, poor digestion, blood sugar disturbances etc

may also improve.






The high protein meal replacement shake costs  $2.75 per serve.


Compare this to the cost of the food you are presently eating and you will see that it is

comparable. Take into account other extras you may indulge in  eg a cup of coffee at $4.50.

maybe a muffin at $4.00 etc. In other words you may even save money and lose weight.



                      The overall costs involved are...



Consultation                                                                   Initial                          Follow-up

Includes  Treatment with  Laser Acupuncture            Clinic...  $50                  $35

                                                                                       Couples..$40 each          $30 each                                                                                         Friends


                                                                                       Home Visit... $60           $50 each

                                                                                       Couples...       $50 each   $40 each                                                                                        Friends



Meal Replacement Shake    2 x Shakes {40 serves ie One meal  daily}......... $110

 {30 day periods }                  3 x Shakes {60  serves ie Two meals daily}........$165


Multi Vitamin / Mineral tabs  {50 days supply }....................                        $30

Herbs for specific conditions  {see next section for details}...                        $25

Homeopathics  ..............                                                                                    $15




Your First Consultation will cost ......................


Consultation and Treatment                                        $50 {$60}        $50 {$60}

Shakes   { 2 or 3 }                                                          $110 {x2}        $165 {x3} 

Multi Vit / Min                                                              $30                   $30


                         First Visit clinic Total ....... $190    ...... $245

                                                                 Home Visit.. $200             ....$255


Herbal and Homeopathics  may / may not be necessary                  $25/$15          $25/$15






   Treatments for Weight Loss & General Health



Weight gain and loss may be as simple as  Calories In / Calories Out.

However there are a range of other Metabolic disorders that may contribute to your

condition and need to be treated for you to gain the best weight loss results.


Food Allergies and Intolerances  These can range from very mild to quite severe

                                and cause disturbances in your whole system.


Digestive Problems  Inability to digest and absorb nutrients.



Thyroid problems  The thyroid controls basic body metabolism and disorders will

                                  cause major problems.


Female Hormonal IssuesThese can include any age group but especially during 

                                  Menopause  when Hormonal Imbalances can severely affect

                                  Weight / Energy / Emotions  etc


Blood Sugar Regulation
problems including having a sweet tooth or a chocoholic.



Stress and Emotional upsets will cause upsets through the Stress hormones and

                                affect a wide range of areas in your body.


Liver congestion is a major area to look at due to all the chemicals and toxic substances

                               which we all come into contact with.


Treatments for all these areas include..................



Acupuncture     I use a Laser system { no needles }

Acupuncture is a system that is able to rebalance and stimulate specific areas of the body to

function better.



Herbs    These are able to treat a wide range of problems such as


                   Liver congestion


                   General Tonics

                   Digestive problems



Homeopathic Remedies   Useful for any of the above conditions.



E.R.T.  Emotional Rebalancing Therapy   is a system for underlying

                     Emotional problems. It is a simple system of Tapping Acupuncture points along

                     with a bit of self-talk that anybody can learn and use to great effect. 




                      Treatment  Protocol 



Initial consultation     This consultation will be an Assessment of your basic system

                                                  and treatment with Laser Acupuncture for any Specific

                                                  Problems you may have that are contributing to your Weight

                                                  issues along with any Herbs that are recommended.


                                                  A Laser Acupuncture treatment for Sugar Cravings and

                                                 Hunger as well as a General Rebalance and Tonification is

                                                 also given.



Follow up consultation and assessment along with Laser Acupuncture

                                                  treatment is given at 2 weeks and 4 weeks.

                                                  After that it is a followup treatment every 4 weeks.



Extra Treatment          If you have specific issues that need Treatment eg Food

                                                   Allergies, severe Hormonal problems etc then further

                                                   treatments may be recommended.




  As you can see this Weight Loss Management system is Easy, Effective and Affordable.


  If you would like to gain the benefits of it, please call me and make an appointment.


  I offer home visits for your convenience.


                         Michael Connor


                         Ph. 0431 966 011