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              Weight Loss Management



Thank you for visiting my website to inquire about Weight Loss Management.



                 General Explanation of this system


Why do many weight loss systems Fail ?


We are all creatures of habit. We simply like doing what we like doing.


If you change your diet too drastically to new / different foods / having to weigh out /

measure / count calories etc then you will most likely find it all a bit too much as many

people do and just go back to your old diet.


This system is designed to keep it simple and enjoyable and by doing this you will achieve

your weight loss ideals a lot easier and gain better results.


This is done by.....


{1}  Regulating your diet with the foods you are already eating and enjoy.


{2}  Replacing 1-2 meals with a high quality protein supplement.

        Also taking a Multi Vit/Min tab.


{3}  Underlying issues such as specific cravings eg sugar / chocolate,

          food allergies / intolerances .


{4}  Underlying issues such as digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances.


{5}   Laser Acupuncture {no needles}, Herbs , Homoeopathic




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This Weight Loss System is formulated and produced by Metagenics Health World and



                  Shake-it Professional Weight Management Program



Metagenics are the major suppliers of Practitioner only Vitamins, Minerals, Herbs and other

health items to Naturopaths. Their products are of the highest quality. This product has been

scientifically formulated for use by Health Care Professionals.


I am a Naturopath and Acupuncturist registered with ...


* Australian Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association.

* AHPRA  the official government registration for practitioners.

* I am recognized as a provider by the Private Health Funds and as such my services are


* This Weight Management system is recognized by the Health Funds and may also be

   claimable. Check with your fund.


Losing weight is within everyone's ability and the immense health benefits of doing so are

well documented and known by all.


Losing weight with this system is 










This system requires you to Replace  one or two of your meals each day with a high

quality Protein Shake.


Generally starting on one meal replacement daily is good.

You may decide to do two meal replacements daily or it can be done on an irregular base or

for convenience.


The other one to two meals are normal meals. Each person is unique so my dietary

advice for these other meals takes into account your preferences as individual taste is

important. You can still eat healthily.

Snacks between meals are also included.




The shakes are taken over  30 day periods for evaluation.


There are Specific Acupuncture given with Laser