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Emotional Rebalancing Therapy – E.R.T.

This is a therapy similar to EFT  which is used to help clear any emotional blockages you may have using specific wording {similar to self hypnosis} and tapping on Acupuncture points at the same time.

E.R.T. is a further development of this technique reaching to a deeper level for more profound change whilst keeping it as a very simple system.

Many systems concentrate on the negative Emotions and Emotional Responses {E-ER}
As the old saying goes …..

“Where you focus is where your energy goes”.    

Thus if you are not careful you can unwittingly feed the negative Emotion thus sabotaging your efforts. E.R.T. is different in that it initially instructs the Subconscious Mind {SCM} to “Let go of” the negative Emotion and then to “Experience” the positive Emotion.

This simple and effective therapy could be seen as being like Self Hypnosis.You are the one making “suggestions” to your SCM and you are the one in complete control. This is very important as you are the only one who can help yourself. No one else can do it for you. The therapist is only a guide showing you the technique. You are the one seeking to make changes within yourself and by using E.R.T. you are empowering yourself.
E.R.T. can provide you with the skills to do this and this will enable you to do it at a pace that suits you.


Theory behind E.R.T.

Generally our actions in everyday life are governed by our Emotions & Emotional Responses {E-ER} in our Subconscious Mind {SCM}. These have been imprinted in our SCM from an early age. Unfortunately these E-ER may not be giving us the best results in your life due to the fact what you are using the E-ER that were learned in childhood. They can in fact be quite inappropriate and unbeneficial in your adult life.

Your Conscious Mind {CM} may be able to see this quite rationally but unfortunately the subconscious Mind {SCM} is the master controller and always has the final say. Affirmations are only effective on a surface level in the CM and the SCM will over-rule them.

If you wish to reprogram the SCM you must not only clear out any negative E-ER which are there and also replace them with their opposite positive E-ER.


The main E-ER which exists in the SCM a negative sense and their opposites to be replaced with are…

Sadness                    -  Joy & Happiness
Fear & Anxiety         -  Openness & Acceptance
Anger                        -  Love & Compassion
Emotional Trauma   -  Emotional Wellness & Peacefulness

These 4 basic emotions encompass all of the emotions.For example Anger covers resentment, irritation, frustration etc and Sadness covers Grief, rejection, loss etc.
E.R.T. is a simple and effective method of assessing and treating these underlying and unresolved Emotional blockages in the SCM which have such a strong effect on how you feel, act and react in everyday situations and to the stresses you encounter. They are often hidden from your rational CM and you have no direct control over them.These Emotional blocks cause Emotional Distress, Self-imposed limitations and can Sabotage and be extremely unbeneficial in many facets of your life.They can also be an important factor in ill-health by causing it and/or being a part of the distressing symptoms.

Treating this inappropriate E-ER by reprogramming the SCM enables you to be happier and more fulfilled in your life, more flexible, creative, adaptive, loving etc. and to be able to respond in a more appropriate and beneficial way to the stresses you encounter in your life.

It is not important what happens to you but how you react to it.

Change your reactions by changing your E-ER and you change your life for the better. You are now in control and create your own life irrespective of the external environment.
You are no longer your own worst enemy; you are now your own best friend.


E.R.T. is taught over 6 weeks.

The various aspects are briefly


Step 1


At the beginning of each session I give you a “balancing” treatment using my laser on all the major Acupuncture points so that you are physically energetically balanced.


Step 2

Using Kinesiology also known as Muscle Testing I will identify your basic underlying Emotional blockages.

Another aspect is using Kinesiology to assess the Chakras for any blockages and to treat them accordingly as they are a source of Physical & Emotional blockages.


Step 3

I will then teach you how to meditate and relax your mind using a few simple techniques as well as give you a CD with specific mind frequencies to help you achieve a very relaxed and clear state of relaxation. This is important to give you the benefit of knowing what it is like to experience, while in a conscious state, a feeling of peacefulness without the constant chatter which most people have when they try to meditate.


Step 4

I will then teach you E.R.T. which consists of 2 parts. They are based on self talk, where you simply talk your way through clearing away any negative E-ER and then replacing them with their opposite positive E-ER. Once again this can be likened to self hypnosis where you are in control. As you do E.R.T. specific Acupuncture points are tapped which relate to these Specific emotions in Chinese Medicine.

Affirmations pertaining to the E-ER you worked on are then used and you will find them extremely effective as they will be accepted by your SCM and put into effective use.

I will then help guide you to work through your issues as this technique is like peeling away the layers in a simple, effective and gentle way. Because you are not trying to force a change in your SCM but gently reprogramming it to clear out any negative E-ER and replace them with positive E-ER, you will not have any unpleasant side effects. To the contrary you will be pleasantly surprised at how simple and effective E.R.T. is and how well you feel after doing it.


Step 5

With each session I give you a mixture of Bach flower essences as indicated by testing with Kinesiology to be used until the next session. These along with E.R.T. practice will continue to enhance the effects.

Keep in mind that it takes time for the changes to occur and they will do so  
slowly but surely, often in a very subtle way. The changes in the SCM are reinforced by a conscious effort on your part to put them into practice. This way your SCM knows you are serious and will respond appropriately.

Like all therapies, if you believe in them and practice them you will gain the benefits that you desire.

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Theory behind E.R.T

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