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Bio-Feedback Frequency Therapy

Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System



This  is a sophisticated Biofeedback computerized health care system.

It is based on technology developed by Doctors in Germany in the 1960’s.


It was developed as a way of evaluating the body’s response to various substances called stressors eg Viruses,foods chemicals connecting the stressor electronically to an acupuncture point.


As all acupuncture points have a measureable electrical resistance,the acupuncture points were measured on a meter and would react either positively or negatively to the stressors which were connected to them via an electronic lead.This was a slow but effective system.In this day and age computers have, as in all areas of our modern lives, revolutionized this therapy.


The SCIO is able to measure the body’s responses to approx 7,000 items.


Stressors tested include

       -   Pathogens – Bacteria,Viruses,Fungi etc 

       -  Allergens – food,chemical,environmental etc.

       -  Organs

       -  Acupuncture meridians.

       -  Nervous system.

       -  Glandular system.

       -  Emotions.


The reactions to these stressors is evaluated by the SCIO computer program and areas of “imbalance “ are identified. The SCIO is then able to do what I refer to as  “ Acupuncture Frequency Treatments” ie specific “rebalancing frequencies” are fed back into the body via leads to stimulate the body’s natural innate healing abilities and bring about a change in your condition.This is basically similar to what Acupuncture does but electronically.

  Sessions can initially be an hour long for evaluation and treatment.

 Homoeopathic remedies are used with the SCIO therapy as they work on the same energetic level and help continue to stimulate the body on a daily basis.

 Specific Chinese Herbs  are also used with this system

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