Acupuncture Brisbane Home Visit

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Consultations in your own Home or in our Clinic



       Traditional Chinese & Japanese Acupuncture

   Home Visits or Clinic Visits at 35 Burrendah Rd., Jindalee

          25 years practicing Chinese & Japanese style

                 Acupuncture and Naturopathy


Acupuncture Brisbane Home Visit is a mobile acupuncture service based in Jindalee, Brisbane.
We offer acupuncture home visits as well as naturopathy home visits to all of Brisbane and Brisbane's surrounding suburbs. Acupuncture Brisbane Home Visit delivers the same service by professional practitioners that you would receive when you visit our clinic.

 Acupuncture Brisbane Home Visit offers convenience, privacy and comfort of being in your own home. Our acupuncture and naturopathy service is not only for those who have difficulty in travelling to a clinic but also for people who are extremely busy by cutting back your travel time and allowing us to come to you.

 As I am a registered practitioner you are able to claim my services if you are covered by Private Health Insurance.


For any appointments please call Michael on      0431 966 011 


Clinic address is       35 Burrendah Rd., Jindalee. 


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Health Conditions you may suffer from

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Back & Neck Pain.  Knee / Elbow / Shoulders / joint problems     Headaches , Migraines, Arthritic Pain

Women’s Issues - Fertility, I.V.F.  Menopause,Period problems etc.

Digestive disorders - Food Allergies,Irritable Bowel Syndrome,Reflux etc.

Childrens health issues - Allergies,Asthma,Low Immunity,Learning problems etc.

Allergies - Food,Environmental,Chemical etc.

Respiratory conditions - Infections,Asthma,Hayfever & Sinus etc.

Skin conditions - Acne,Eczema,Allergic reactions,Shingles etc.

Immune Dysfunction - Chronic Fatigue,Infections,Poor Immunity etc.

Nervous System disorders - Neuralgia,Facial pain,Pinched nerves etc.

Emotional issues - Stress,Anxiety,Depression etc.

General health issues - Low Energy & Motivation,Blood Sugar problems etc.

Miscellaneous - Stop Smoking



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