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How Natural Therapies Work


When you are affected by ill health, I as an experienced natural therapies practitioner using Acupuncture {either needle or laser} and Naturopathic treatments can offer you well-proven and effective therapies to help you regain and maintain your health and wellbeing at an optimum level.

My approach is the use of safe and proven therapies for you benefit.


How and why do they work ?


Quite simply it can be likened to “tuning up” your body’s functions by utilizing and maximising your body’s inherent and inbuilt healing abilities.

These can be stimulated with



Acupuncture  - Using either needle therapy or non-invasive Laser therapy



Bioenergetic frequencies from the SCIO computer program.



Chinese Herbs in easy to take vegetable capsules.These are tried and proven remedies long used for their effectiveness.



Homoeopathic remedies can be used to stimulate and treat specific bodily  systems,organs and functions on a daily basis. They have a long history of effective usage.



Emotional Rebalancing Therapy – E.R.T. is a therapy used to treat emotional issues at a deep level.



Bowen therapy.If you are treated for Musculo-skeletal problems then specific stretches and exercises are  given as these are essential for you to do as they help the body recover more quickly.



Everyone’s conditions are different as are your innate healing abilities and thus everyone will have a different rate and way of healing.

Some people may experience a detox after treatment which generally only lasts a day or so.

You as an individual are free to make decisions about yourself and your health and wellbeing.The things that an individual can do for themselves are of course attention to diet,exercise,adequate sleep etc. which are all addressed with your therapy that I provide.