Acupuncture Brisbane Home Visit




                    Michael Connor 



    Dip. Naturopathy


Diploma of Applied Science {Acupuncture}ACNM   

Diploma of Naturopathy . QINS

Aust. Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Ass. No.817

APHRA  Chinese Medicine Board of Australia CMR0001725474


I am an Acupuncturist & Naturopath and have been practicing for 20 years. I have acquired a broad knowledge of Acupuncture and Naturopathy.

I have personalized my services by offering Mobile Home Visits as well as well as my normal Clinic Consultations. Many people may no doubt be more relaxed in the comfort of their own homes and also for those who may find it difficult or inconvenient to travel to a clinic.      

  Acupuncture  can be done quite comfortably using my portable massage table or your furniture.

Naturopathic consultations using the advanced computerized        Bio-feedback frequency SCIO can be done at any table in your home wherever you are comfortable.

I take a down to earth, practical approach with people a wide variety of different modalities including Acupuncture both Needles and Laser , Traditional Chinese Herbs and the western approach with Naturopathy.



I am a registered practitioner so you are able to claim my services if you are covered by Private Health Insurance.

If you wish to utilize this professional, convenient service please call on


                           0431 966 011


          Clinic - 35 Burrendah Rd., Jindalee